Why Your Body Will Thank You for Getting an Electric Standing Desk

Get up, stand up! You’ll feel better immediately.

The idea of being on your feet while you work may sound tiring, but it’ll actually have an invigorating effect. Standing can alleviate back pain, keep your heart rate healthy, and even make you more productive. When you invest in an electric standing desk, changing the height of your workspace is as easy as pressing a button, meaning you can alternate between standing and sitting—which experts recommend—all the live-long day.

Features a USB Port

This easy-to-assemble option is classic looking, with four programmable presets. That means once you find your perfect spots, you’ll never have to go looking for them again. FEZIBO

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If multiple people will be using the desk, consider a model that allows you to program and save various heights. That way, every time you sit down at the desk after your taller partner or shorter kiddo, you can simply hit one button to restore it to your ideal height.

High-Grade Industrial Steel

With no drawers or other cumbersome accessories, this one simply provides you with a big, flat drafting space—perfect if you want something without bells and whistles. SHW

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Some standing desks come with different configuration options, like a corner desk, so make sure to measure your space and figure out exactly what you need before you buy.

Big Enough for Two Monitors

This one can support up to 220 pounds—perfect if your workspace is littered with multiple laptops and other gadgets. FAMISKY

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Just as you don’t want to sit for too long, you don’t want to stand for too long either. Some experts recommend one hour of standing for every one to two hours sitting, with an alternation every 30 to 60 minutes. Making sure to sit enough is as important as standing: It protects your legs and veins. You should also invest in an anti-fatigue mat to place beneath your feet.