Splash Better: What to Look for in Water Shoes for Women

Where protection meets style.

byLauren West-Rosenthal|
Splash Better: What to Look for in Water Shoes for Women
Protect your soles from rugged beachside cliffs. Chen Mizrach

Time by the water—be it the beach, lake or pool—is all it takes for some to refresh and recharge. But the one thing that can ruin a day by the water is hot sand, slippery decks, sharp objects (or marine life!) on the ocean floor—you get the idea. Investing in a good pair of water shoes ensures your feet are protected, you have a sturdy grip and you can enjoy a walk on the beach or wade in the water. No matter your favorite water activity, you want a pair that’s breathable, slip resistant and quick-drying. And not to worry—we found pairs to match your bathing suit or cover up too.

These are available in over 30 colors including a soft mint, kelly green and vibrant fuchsia.

If you’re all about hanging waterside without actually swimming, look for a breathable shoe with a thick sole and heel for traction. It makes it easy to chase after little ones on the beach or take long strolls on a dock without slipping.

There are eight holes in each sole to keep feet from staying soggy.

Water shoes have you covered for everything from beach yoga to water aerobics. You need a pair that’s not only flexible but also breathable and drains well too. The more drainage holes, the lighter you—and the shoes—will feel as you run, swim and jump in the water.

The bouncy rubber sole and stretchy upper hug your feet.

Water shoes that look like socks are the most versatile of all. They easily slip on and stay on so you barely feel like you’re wearing anything at all. Since they’re breathable and quick drying, you can wear them for a swim and then a beachfront yoga sesh or stroll along the dock.