Play Better: What to Look for in Water Shoes for Kids

Watch your little ones run around with confidence.

For curious, rambunctious kids, playing in water is the perfect way to keep them active. From fishing, hiking, pool or beach play, there’s lots for busy feet to do and explore. The key is avoiding slips and protecting feet from harsh elements such as hot sand, jagged rocks, pointy sea life and more. Here’s what to look for in kid-friendly water shoes that are comfy and durable.

Like Normal Sneakers

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For kids that are into wading through streams or frequently find themselves wandering off the hiking trail, you want a water shoe that looks like a sneaker and functions like one too. That sturdy design provides traction yet features lots of holes which not only allow for easy drainage—but also prevent odor and mold buildup.

Does it All

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If you’re a family that likes wading in the water, be it to collect seashells by the beach or fish in a shallow river, your little ones need shoes that allow them to freely move about. A sandal-like water shoe features thicker soles for underfoot protection from rocks or sea life. Water still flows through easily, so your kids won’t feel weighed down.

For Animal Lovers

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Aqua socks are best for little swimmers who love going from the ocean to the sand or the pool to the deck and back again. They’re skin-tight, slip-resistant and cover the entire foot so kids can swim and splash without feeling like they’re wearing anything. Out of the water, they can run around without fear of slipping or hurting their feet on any other outdoor elements that await.