What to Look For in Paint Markers

Make your own masterpiece on any surface.

Paint markers are a necessary staple for any arts and crafts aficionado. There’s no limit to the surfaces you can use them on: furniture, glass, ceramics, windows, to name a few. Here’s how to choose which set of paint markers is right for your project.

Rainbow of Shades

This starter kit provides a range of 28 hues for a reasonable price. Morfone


Unlike paints or traditional artist markers, the pigmentation of paint markers doesn’t allow for blending. It’s important to buy the colors you plan on using because you won’t be able to make additional colors.

Non-Bleed Ink

Many professional artists swear by these highly pigmented babies. Uni


Paint markers come in a variety of pigmentation. The highest quality ones are vibrant and have high pigmentation. Markers with less pigmentation will require multiple coats, allowing for more chance of error with each stroke.

Staying Power

This oil-based pick is bold, glossy and can be used on wood and glass. Sharpie


Some paint markers are more easily removable than others. If you’re looking for general arts and crafts options, it’s good to invest in markers that will stay permanent. If you make a mistake, use a marker that’s the color of your surface to cover it up!