Sip Better: What to look for in an insulated cup for hot or cold drinks

Pick a cup then get to sippin’.

Nothing’s worse than lukewarm iced tea. Except for lukewarm, formerly hot, coffee. To find the best insulated cup, keep these factors in mind.

Maintains Temperature

BPA free and comes in 18 colors and patterns. YETI


One issue with keeping cold drinks cold is the tendency for the cups to sweat and get condensation all over your car’s cup holder, desktop or hands. If this is a pet peeve for you, look for an insulated cup with anti-condensation design such as a vacuum sealed outer layer that helps reduce sweating.

Sip Securely

Uses patented sealing technology and a lid lock to reduce leaks and spills. Contigo


One feature that you might look for—especially if you like to tuck your cup into a tote or backpack pocket—is a lid lock that will prevent the top from accidentally opening if it’s jostled. There’s nothing worse than opening up your bag to find a pool of liquid!

Stylish Options

Made from premium gauge 18/8 stainless steel. Simple Modern


If you like sipping hot drinks but would rather suck cold ones through a straw, consider looking for a cup designed to do both—or one that comes with two different lids.