What to Look For in a Full-Length Mirror

Frames, length and curves.

Full-length mirror in a bedroom
A simple mirror complements and adds the illusion of space to any room.Unsplash/Liana Mikah

Mirrors can do more than just show you if your shoes match your outfit—if you want them too. The right frame or shape can not only make a room look larger, it can also add warmth, coziness or glamour, depending on the style you choose. Here are some features to consider before buying.

NeuType Full Length Mirror Standing Hanging or Leaning Against Wall
It’s dimensions are 65” X 22”, so even if you’re well above average height, you’ll get a good full-length view.NeuType

Leaning mirrors are versatile because they can rest against the wall at a slight slant, or they can be mounted onto the wall. These can be purely decorative, as artfully positioned as a painting, or they can serve as space-enhancers to add the illusion of size to a smaller room.

ElevensMirror Full Length Mirror Dressing Mirror with Standing Holder
The frame is made of long-lasting aluminum alloy material that comes in gold, black, white and pink finishes. It has a foldable stand or can be mounted or leaned on a wall.ElevensMirror

If you want a mirror that can easily change locations within a room, you can opt for either a classic cheval (one that swivels from a frame) or a wall mirror with a standing holder. These come in a wider range of designs, and you can move them to whatever part of the room is most flatteringly lit at any given time of day.

Roundhill Furniture Queen Anna Style Floor Cheval Mirror
Roundhill’s black wood cheval mirror requires some assembly. Everything you'll need is included but the screwdriver.Roundhill Furniture

Oval full-length mirrors are less common than rectangular ones and take up a bit more space, but they can give a neutral room a more dramatic, cozy and romantic look.