What to Look for in a Compact Smoothie Blender

Here’s how to find a blender that quickly whips your favorite frozen fruit, without taking up too much counter space.

byCarrie Saum|
What to Look for in a Compact Smoothie Blender
You don’t need a bulky blender to get a perfectly blended smoothie. Pexels

Smoothies are a fast, yummy way to eat the rainbow and sneak a serving of green leafies into a berry smoothie for you or your kiddo. Choosing the right blender for the job will make cleaning, storage and speed a cinch. Here’s how to find a powerful, compact smoothie blender to get your greens in.

This mini model comes with three different cup styles and lids so you can use the same cup to blend, drink or store securely.

Making a smoothie doesn’t have to mean making a huge mess if you look for a small, single-serve blender that can break down dense frozen foods like bananas and strawberries—and then you can drink right out of the blender cup.

Crush up whole fruits, veggies and ice.

Unlike juicing, smoothies retain all of the fiber of whatever produce you use. Keep those nutrients easy to drink by looking for a blender that has high enough wattage to pulverize whatever you throw at it, from skins to seeds. The smallest single-serve blenders start at around 175 watts, while larger models can pack 500 watts or more.

Choose from a variety of cheerful colors with a convenient sip and seal top.

Smoothies are a great solution for eating on the go, especially right after a workout or when you have to eat while running out the door to get to work or school. When you need a quick nutritious smoothie fix, look for a single serve blender that has a sip and seal top and can be transported easily.