What to Consider Before Buying a Scratching Post for Your Cat

(So he can stop clawing up your furniture.)

Your feline friend deserves the best, or at the very least the best in your budget! Here are three things to take into consideration before investing in a scratching post.

Loads of Different Setups

This scratching post is a budget-friendly option that offers the perfect place for a cat nap, scratch, and play-time. Furhaven


Cat towers come in many different forms, from a basic post to an entire kitty jungle gym. Energetic cats may enjoy multi-level platform towers while more skittish cats may appreciate posts that include a new place to hide.

Eco-Friendly Materials

This option is tall, sturdy and durable enough for even the chunkiest of cats. 4 Paws Stuff


Some cats like to fully stretch while clawing, so make sure your scratching post is tall enough for your feline friend to stretch out even up on their hind legs. If your cat is on the larger side, a heavier post is necessary to prevent tipping…or else you’ll have a scaredy cat who’s afraid to use the post again.

Stows Easily

This one offers exciting play elements for your kitty but is easy on human eyes! Trixie Pet


Your cat’s scratching post will become as much a part of your life as the cat’s, so make sure you pick something you visually like. If you have a less playful cat, a simple scratching post might do the trick without being a distracting visual element in your home, or there’s fold-away options to hide more playful cat towers when not in use.