Weed Your Yard or Flower Bed Fast With A Dandelion Puller

Keep those pesky weeds away for good.

byCarrie Saum| PUBLISHED Apr 28, 2020 2:01 PM
Weed Your Yard or Flower Bed Fast With A Dandelion Puller
They’re the prettiest weeds, but they’re also the most stubborn. Pexels/George Becker

Dandelions are a bright, sunny bane for most gardeners. Keeping your yard or garden free of dandelions typically involves herbicide or intense physical labor because of their deep and complex underground root systems and flowers that pollinate with just a gentle gust of wind. Having the right tool can make all the difference if you want to control these whimsical weeds. Keep reading to see which tool is right for you.

Top Pick
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Save your knees and weed your garden without impacting your joints.

Weeding dandelions doesn’t have to take a toll on your back. Opt for a long-handled tool that grabs the dandelion with precision and pulls it out with ease, like this one. This is an especially effective weeder in tough soil.

Industrial Strength
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Great posture and proper weight distribution will make your weeding an ergonomic cinch.

Yard and garden work require heavy labor. Save your back and body and choose an upright weeding tool that has an ergonomic design. We love this one for its O-shaped handle, which lets you sink the weight of both arms into the dirt for particularly stubborn weeds.

Most Versatile
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Enjoy digging in the dirt with this powerful garden tool.

A versatile hand-held weeder can save you time and money. This tool has a curved head that makes pulling up those pesky dandelions, planting seeds, cultivating soil and cleaning up hedges easy.