The Best Wearable Blankets to Keep You Cozy from Head to Toe

Take your at-home loungewear up a notch.

byLauren West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Dec 23, 2020 9:39 PM
The Best Wearable Blankets to Keep You Cozy from Head to Toe
Keep warm and snuggly, whether you’re on the couch or in the stands. Catalonia

Feeling warm and cozy is a self-care necessity, no matter the time of year. There’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch with an oversized blanket. There’s also nothing worse than disrupting that coziness because you must get up to answer the door, walk the dog, help your kids—the list goes on. The solution to staying cozy all the time is a wearable, adult sized blanket. Here’s why you need to add one to your at-home, stay cozy essentials!

Won’t Drag on the Floor
For Indoor and Outdoor Use
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This option is machine washable and comes in a variety of hues and patterns.

Look for a wearable blanket with pockets if you plan on wearing it outside of the house, be it to walk the dog or for school drop off in the car. It’ll keep your hands warm, of course, but also give you a place to store your keys, wallet and other valuable items.

Kangaroo-Style Pouch
One Size Fits All
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This is reversible and makes it easy to store items.

If you’re going to wear your blanket outside, keep an eye out for one with a hood to help you stay warm. When you’re inside, you can always lower it to stay comfortable.

The unisex design is available in 11 different colors and designs to match your personal style.

If you’re using your wearable blanket while working on your computer, playing video games or activities such as cooking where you would need easy access to your hands—look for one that has elastic cuffs around the sleeves. That way you have easy access to your hands without worrying about the blanket constantly getting in the way or getting dirty!