Whimsical Water Bottles to Make Getting In Your Daily H₂0 a Breeze

Staying hydrated can be a drag, but it’s important. Using a fun bottle helps!

We all know the benefits of drinking enough water—but that doesn’t stop us from skimping on our intake. Boost your water consumption with a fun, colorful bottle you can take anywhere—bonus points if it has printed reminders to keep on chugging. Grab one of these and suddenly you’ll be one hydrated human.


This adorable transparent style features hourly H₂0 levels that correspond to inspirational messages, from 7 a.m. (“Good morning!”) to 1 p.m. (“Keep chugging!”) to 9 p.m. (“You did it!”). Finally, a cup that understands just how awesome you are. Venture Pal


Make sure to buy a water bottle that’s guaranteed BPA-free. BPA (or Bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical compound that’s been linked to possible health issues and can be found in some plastics. More and more brands make BPA-free products these days, so double check the packaging before you buy.

Fits in the Car Cup Holder

A spring-loaded dust cap, single-handed locking lid plus a compact size make this a busy multitasker’s dream. Giotto


Not all water bottles are created equal, so figure out what features are important to you before you invest. For example, do you want a straw, and if yes, do you need it to be removable? Note also that most water bottles are not dishwasher-safe, so double check yours before you pop it in the machine. To hand-wash it, use baking soda and vinegar.

Loads of Colors

A handle makes the bigger jug-inspired sizes especially easy for toting around, and hey, if you buy two and fill them up, you won’t need dumbbells for your biceps curls! BuildLife


Leak-proof design is another crucial component of a good water bottle. Check that yours guarantees a secure seal so you don’t end up dribbling all over the place, especially if you plan to take your water everywhere you go (which you should!).