The Three Best Touchless Soap Dispensers Features

A worry-free, germ free way to keep your family clean and sanitized.

byLauren West-Rosenthal|
The Three Best Touchless Soap Dispensers Features
There can never be too much (touchless) soap. Pexels

If you’re not touching, you’re not spreading germs. And unfortunately, even things like washing your hands requires sharing one very important item—the soap dispenser—before you even wash away the germs. That’s why the touchless soap dispenser is a warrior in keeping shared surfaces clean and sanitary. Here’s what to look for in your own!

The flexible silicone valve snaps shut and creates a seal that prevents messy dripping.

Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is another area where a touchless soap dispenser is important in stopping the spread of germs. With cooking and handling food, it’s a no brainer to keep what you touch to a minimum and alleviate the spread of bacteria. Look for a stainless steel dispenser that’ll match your kitchen appliances easily.

Have limited counter or sink space? This can be easily mounted to a wall.

If you have a large family—especially one with lots of little kids—you want a larger soap container. Bigger ones hold more soap so you’re not refilling as often, giving peace of mind that hand washing isn’t skipped.

Comes with leak proof technology to prevent any drippage that could corrode the circuit boards.

Not all touchless soap dispensers must hold soap—hand sanitizer is just as important. Just make sure what you’re investing in is made to dispense both liquid soap and sanitizer. Then, simply station it by your front door so visitors and members of your household can easily sanitize themselves on their way in and out—without touching the same bottle.