Three Features to Look for in an Inflatable Pool or Lake Float

Lounge in style with these full-body floats.

If your definition of “swimming” involves more poolside lounging with a drink and a good book in hand than practicing your breaststroke, look to an inflatable float to take your favorite relaxing activities into the water. Whether you’re drifting down a river or soaking up the sun in a pool, here are some features to look for in your new float.

Extra-Wide Backrests

This impressive model has its own covered “patio.” Bestway


Sunscreen is a must when you’re lounging on the water. But you can further reinforce your SPF sun protection with a shaded float. Bonus: The shades keep you cooler, too.

Supportive Design

A comfortable shape, plus two cup-holders. Intex


When you’re not spending your afternoon on the lake dozing off or chatting with a friend or loved one, you’re probably eating or drinking. So how about a place to prop that bottle or can and store snacks? Hooray for cup-holders!

Folds Flat for Portability

The makers of this float thought of everything, including reinforced edges for more stability and a fabric covering for comfort. Kelsyus


If you’re planning to tie your float up to a dock, pull it gently behind a boat or link it up with other floaters, look for a model with built in loops or clips on the side.