Three Things to Know About Healing Crystals

Their power comes from the intent you put behind them.

Chakras are energy points in your body that align with your emotional and physical well-being. This energy system dates back to ancient India, where it was believed that stones and crystals had the power to heal the body and open chakras. While there’s no scientific evidence behind that, setting intentions and thinking positively does have powerful effects. Using the beauty and enchantment of crystals as a focal point during meditation or incorporating them into your own unique rituals can provide a sense of calm and relaxation. Here’s what to know when looking for your first set of crystals.

Value Sampler

Take your special rocks everywhere with you when you wear them on your wrist. Tesh Care


Wearing the seven stones (one for each of the seven chakras) in bracelet form is a simple way to attract all the benefits (health, wealth, love, and so on) at once. You can wear it as a reminder to take a breath, find your center or reset.

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This collection includes dreamy rose quartz, fiery carnelian and deep garnet. SUNYIK


Placing crystals throughout your home can serve as simple reminders to take a moment to stop, breathe and find a moment of gratitude. Sprinkling small crystals under your pillow or placing them in a jar in the bathroom or entryway brings a gentle aura of peace to your space.

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It comes with an online manual for deciphering each one. ZATNY


It’s okay to choose crystals simply because you feel drawn to them before knowing their names or meanings. A tip is to take a stone from your kit that you feel a pull to and keep it close (your pocket, deskside or under your pillow) for several days. Then look up which stone you chose and what energy it’s associated with—and reflect on if that was energy you needed during that time.