Stylish Throw Blankets to Add Color and Coziness

Decorating a home can be hard. Trying to pick out just the right items that go together to make a … Continued

Decorating a home can be hard. Trying to pick out just the right items that go together to make a desired “look” takes a bit of skill and an eye. But what happens when after all that hard work you change your mind a few months later? You’re not going to start from scratch, right?

Luckily, there are a few relatively inexpensive décor items you can purchase to vary a look and keep your space feeling fresh. And one of the best tricks is adding a throw blanket to any chair, couch or even bed. Just this one minor adjustment can completely transform a piece of furniture and ultimately a room–especially with these ultra-stylish options.

Rainbow of Hues

With so many color options, you’ll want to buy more than one. Amazon


What better way to brighten up a room than by adding a splash of color? With these beauties, you have 35 choices ranging from antique white and Baltic blue to red chili pepper and sunshine yellow. What’s more, it features a woven boon-knitted tweed design with diamond patterns to add a little extra something. The design is topped off with knotted braid tassels along each side to provide an even more elegant feel. And speaking of feel, the blanket is super soft as it’s made of super-soft microfiber polyester. So, it’s more than just décor; you can easily snuggle up with it, too.

Subtle Chevron

The color options and pattern add that hint of modern to any room. Amazon


It can be hard to find a balance between homey and modern. But that’s precisely what this throw achieves. The textured, zig-zag pattern and tassels add that contemporary look to any home while still large and soft enough to cozy up with. All nine color options only enhance that fresh feel without overpowering a space. And the polyester/acrylic blend holds up better than other blankets. Plus, it’s machine washable. So you won’t feel bad using it every day. Functional and fashionable: what more could you ask?

Ultra Oversize

Flip it to either side to double the coziness. The Connecticut Home Company


This might be the most comfortable, silky soft blanket you’ll ever own. One side is made of thick, soft faux fur while soft Sherpa is on the backside. Not only does that mean double the softness, but the dual textures allow for you to change up the look of a room by simply flipping it from one side to the other. The fur creates a more exotic feel, while the Sherpa provides more of a cabin vibe. You also have a choice of 35 different hues to match the color scheme of your room. Bonus: it’s machine washable, so you can easily clean it after long hours of cuddling.