The Best Pizza Blankets for Staying Warm in Style

If you’re already dreaming about pizza all day and night, you might as well cozy up with the tasty treat.

Eating pizza on the couch
Snuggle up with your favorite pie.Getty Images

Pizza is one of the most comforting foods known to man, bringing great joy and calm via our taste buds. But if your love of pizza is still going strong after polishing off that very last bite, it’s time for the next step. Stay warm and snuggly with a blanket that looks just like a gooey, delicious pizza pie. It’ll fool your friends, family (even the dog) and will hold you over until you can satisfy your next craving!

rnairni Pizza Flannel Blanket

Pizza Flannel Blanket
This tasty-looking blanket is machine washable.Amazon

Your family will do a double take when they see you lying on the couch covered in what appears to be a lifesize pizza pie (one can dream) but is actually a warm, double layered, 60 inch blanket. Made of flannel that’s non-fading and lint-free, you can use it for sleeping, lounging or even picnicking. Wherever you use it, beware that onlookers might start feeling very hungry!

QH with Funny King Pizza Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

Funny King Pizza Velvet Plush Throw
The pizza design is only printed on one side to reduce fading.Amazon

This pizza blanket is 58 inches wide and 80 inches long, so it’s more of a deep dish-style pizza that will look great on top of your bed. It’s incredibly soft, made of micro mink fleece on one side and lambswool sherpa fleece on the other. Wrap yourself up in this delicious looking blanket and before long you’ll be dreaming of crispy crust and what toppings you’d like on your pie!

Silver Lilly Food Shaped Sleeping Bag Blanket

Food Shaped Sleeping Bag Blanket
The sleeping bag measures at 60" in length with an opening of 42". Be sure to machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low.Amazon

If you really want to be wrapped up in your favorite food, then this pepperoni pizza-style sleeping bag is for you! It has an easy access zipper along one side so you can quickly get in and out—though you may never want the snuggling to end. Take this fleece-like sleeping bag on your next overnight trip or just cozy up with it on the couch—perhaps while waiting for your next pizza delivery to arrive!