The 20 best home organization hacks on the internet

Keep your home neat and tidy with these genius solutions.

Don’t let your home become the Bermuda Triangle where things get misplaced and lost. Try some of the smart storage solutions and genius home organization hacks below.

Put up a Pegboard

It's perfect for saving counter space and organizing office or craft supplies. The best part about a pegboard is you can add and rearrange hooks and rods as you go.

Pegboard organization
The organizational options are endless.Courtesy of Craving Some Creativity

This tutorial will help you create a hidden slide-in cabinet that fits into tight spaces, and holds a ton of canned goods as well as other items.

Food cabinet
Slide it right in between the refrigerator and the wall and double your

Hang up Clip Boards

This Best Sit Stand Desk allows you to organize mail, to-do lists, and whatever else you need in your office with cute and durable clip boards.

Wall clip boards
Practical + pretty =

Use Magazine File Holders for Storage

Magazine files can be used to store canned food and other objects. They come in all different designs and materials, and if you want to get take your organizing up a notch, you can label them.

Magazine File Holder
Read all about it: Your pantry is actually

Create a Magnetic Command Center on the Side of the Fridge

Organize back-to-school schedules, to-do lists and calendars in the spot that guarantees your family will see it every time they want a snack. The magnets also make it easy to rearrange.

Command Center
Just buy some adhesive magnets and get to

Pin up recipes and hang measuring cups using a simple cork board. It will also enable easy access to your cooking tools and save space in your kitchen drawers.

Cork Board inside a Cabinet
There's no need to rummage through draws trying to find a

Attach Labeled Bread Clips to Cords

You won't ever accidentally unplug something again. When you finish a loaf of bread, just take the tab, label it with a pen and hook it on to the end of a plug.

This short tutorial will show you =how to neatly fit a roll of trash bags underneath the sink without taking up space for other cleaning materials.

Trash Bags
Just grab and rip without knocking over anything else underneath your

Use Command Hooks in Cabinets

It's so much easier to store all of your styling tools in the same place, but their bulkiness makes it hard to find a convenient spot for them. Hanging all of them on command hooks in a cabinet creates counter space and prevents them from sticking out on a wall.

Curling Irons
Make your bathroom feel like a

Buy Baskets

Having a designated place for everything will keep your house in order and give you some peace of mind.

Hang Spray Cleaners on a Tension Shower Rod

Now every spray cleaner is visible and easy to recognize.

Tension Shower Rod
Its like a mini closet for your cleaning

This will limit scratches on your pans, and you can stack them from largest to smallest.

Paper trays to stack pans
This simple office supply can organize your

Hang up Plastic Bins for Toys in the Tub

With the same tension rod idea, use old shower curtain hooks to hang bins with your kids' favorite bath toys. It's the perfect height so they can grab any toy they want without getting out of the tub.

Bath toys
Store all the rubber duckies neatly in a

It's a stylish way of organizing everything you need in one place right next to your bed.

Bar cart
Organize everything from towels to extra blankets, books and your alarm

Under bed storage is extremely convenient, and, for all of the shopaholics out there, creates space for more clothes and shoes.

Book case to drawer
Flip it over and give it some

Use a Shoe Organizer for Anything and Everything

Shoe organizers can hang conveniently on the back of a door and hold large amounts in a tight space. From makeup to cleaning products or snacks for each day of the week, just slip it right into a pocket.

Hanging Shoe Organizer
Why limit it to only organizing shoes? I lose track of my lip glosses way more often than my

Everyone has cardboard boxes they plan on recycling. Cut up those boxes and organize drawers for your whole family.

Cardboard Dividers
It's perfect for organizing smaller garments like socks and

When you or your child feels sick, don't spend time searching through medicine cabinets. Organize everything by symptom in a simple desk top drawer set.

Medicine Organizer
Older children will also be able to easily identify what medicine to

Craft a Mason Jar Organizer

Mason jars are a great way to organize smaller items in a cute and decorative way. Store cotton balls, makeup brushes or tooth brushes in separate jars for a neat and clean bathroom.

Mason Jars
Mason Jars are cute, fun and cost

What good does organizing your home do if you can't keep it that way? Use an open space to hang up chore charts and make cleaning more fun for your kids.

Chore Chart
Cookie sheets and magnets can help entice your kids to keep the house