Play Better: Splash Pads Are The New “Running Through Sprinklers”

Get out the hose!

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Play Better: Splash Pads Are The New “Running Through Sprinklers”
Such slippery fun!. Johan Bos/Pexels

Running through the sprinklers is good, clean fun. But today’s splash pads take it a little further with features like multiple spouts, bright colors and mini ponds of water to play in.

This educational option features letters on its base.

One of the best things about splash pads is that there’s typically just an inch or two of water in the “pool” base. Plenty to splash in, but not a full-on wading pool. Be sure to check the age recommendations on whatever pad you buy; some are labeled for kids as young as 1, while others recommend splashers be at least 2 years old.

For 2-year-olds to tweens; materials contain no BPA or phthalates.

Splash pads typically work just like sprinklers—simply screw your hose nozzle onto a joiner in the base of the pad and turn on the spigot. No special connectors or other equipment required.

Cheerful and bright, for lovers of all things pink.

A splash pad with a durable bottom liner can work double duty: As a toy for kids, or a spot for your dog to cool off. Great for water-loving breeds, or those with thick coats who may suffer a bit when it’s hot outside.