Soft, Absorbent Beach Towels to Dry Off in Style

You picked a cute swimsuit—why not up your style game with a chic towel too?

byThe Editors| PUBLISHED Jun 19, 2020 5:13 PM
Soft, Absorbent Beach Towels to Dry Off in Style
Wrap up after a swim. Jupiterimages, Brand X Pictures

Is there anything worse than coming out of the water, mermaid-style, only to wrap yourself in a damp towel? Or to find flecks of cotton all over your stuff? By picking the right style now, you’re guaranteed fun in the sun later—without that icky wet feeling.

This set gives off major retro vibes and is as practical as it is pretty: The all-natural material feels cozy on the skin but is super absorbent.

Stripes scream “beach blanket bingo!” so nostalgists who yearn for the days of sitting by the cabana playing mah jong should look for the nautical pattern to complement a beachy look. Styles in 100% cotton offer maximum absorbency, durability and softness, so you can hang 10 in comfort all day long. Surf’s up!

Thin lightweight material wicks away moisture, perfect for toting everywhere you go.

Most beach towels are made from standard terry cloth, but a thinner weave (often called a Turkish or peshtemal style) has benefits: When you sacrifice plush padding, the payoff is material that dries super fast. A thinner weave also means less chance of mildew and mold, so your towel will always smell fresh.

This set is such a great value that you won’t feel bad if you accidentally end up with a mustard or ketchup stain. Even if you do, the high-quality material is machine-washable.

If you’re after something super fluffy, make sure to look for 100% cotton styles that feature sheared cotton velour. And always pick a towel that’s machine-washable and color-safe so you can just throw it in the laundry.