How to Choose a Sock/Underwear Drawer Divider

Make mismatched socks a thing of the past!

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Apr 1, 2021 6:54 PM
How to Choose a Sock/Underwear Drawer Divider
Kick up your heels and rejoice in a tidy sock drawer!. Gabrielle Henderson, Unsplash

You know the scenario—you’re holding one sock while digging through your drawer desperate to find its match, already running late. Or there’s a specific pair of underwear that you need—but it’s appeared to have vanished. You can eliminate this scenario for good with a handy dandy underwear and sock drawer organizer. It clears the clutter, keeps pairs together, and gets rid of that mountain of underthings rising in your drawers. Here’s how to choose the right one.

Most Versatile
Available in seven colors including pink, beige, brown, black, and more.

It sounds obvious, but you must measure your drawer to make sure the organizer you’ve chosen will fit. If you need your drawer to hold other miscellaneous items, you should also make sure there’s enough free space, or you’ll be back to crazy clutter.

Most Adaptable
Features a simple one-click installation with no tools or glues required.

If you have odd size drawers or more than just socks and underwear to keep in sight, your best bet is a set drawer dividers that adjust to fit your space. The more you’re able to customize your drawers, the easier it will be for you to create a sustainable system you’ll actually keep organized and rely on daily.

Best for Families
These are collapsible, lightweight, and made from breathable non-woven material.

 As your collection of undergarments, socks, bras, underwear and more grows—so do your storage and organization needs. That’s where a set of separated storage containers come in handy. You can take control of the layout within your drawer, decide which shapes and sizes are best and put away any extra ones—until you have the need to add more! Different shapes are also great for accommodating tiny, funny-shaped kids’ clothing.