Slip On Hiking Shoes for Kids

Protect your kiddos’ ankles with slip-on hiking shoes on your family’s next trek in the great outdoors.

byAriel Wodarcyk| PUBLISHED Apr 14, 2020 8:01 PM
Slip On Hiking Shoes for Kids
Great for grappling up mountains—or taking in stunning views. Pixabay

Whether your family is full of experienced hikers or just looking to venture out into nature more often, your kids need a shoe that provides lots of support to avoid uncomfortable shin splints and ankle pain. These slip-on options are easy, durable and provide maximum comfort.

Lightweight Velcro Shoes

For family fun on the trails.

These Velcro slip-on shoes are less clunky than most hiking shoes and still provide great arch support. They’re ideal for less rigorous hikes and outdoor activities. They also come in eight different colorways, so your kid is sure to find a pair that speaks to them.

Water-Resistant Shoes

This pair features a warm plush lining.

If you’re planning on hiking near a creek or waterfall, opt for a wind- and water-resistant pair of hiking shoes like these. This option has anti-skid rubber soles that make climbing over slick surfaces a breeze, and the higher rise will keep socks from getting soggy.

Stylish and Supportive

The pink faux leather option is especially adorable.

If you’re looking for a stylish but utilitarian pair of hiking shoes for your kid, enter this durable faux leather pair from Mishansha. The Velcro straps and hook-and-eye closure make them easy to kick on and off, and the rubber and plastic sole provides great grip on the trails.