Slime making has become a rite of passage among children. They can stretch their imaginations (literally) to create the bounciest, stickiest masterpieces their little noggins can come up with. DIY slime making kits are easy ways to entertain your kids whether it’s a rainy day or you’re in need of an after school activity. Here’s what to consider when purchasing slime kits for your kids! 

Best Variety

Includes glow-in-the-dark powder for a funky, mesmerizing twist. Zen Laboratory

If your little ones are about different textures and colors, look for a kit that includes a variety of beads, glitter, foam and even glow in the dark powers to stimulate their senses. The more creative and personalized touches kids can add, the longer their attention will be held!

Most Colorful

Comes with access to online videos and clearly written instructions and tips. Original Stationery

If you’re worried about slime kits making a ginormous mess, make sure you create designated “slime zones” be it the playroom or even outside. Most slime kits are washable, though, so the damage to clothes or furniture should not be an issue. Just be sure to check the labels thoroughly.

Most Out of this World

Features 25 pieces including, glitter, stickers, mixing pots, and tools. Original Stationery

Slime is great fun—and it’s the perfect way to draw your little one’s attention away from the screen. Some kits let kids turn their slime into foam or suddenly glow like a star in the sky, which adds a level of educational play.