Simple Indoor Garden Projects and Kits for Adults

You don’t need a sprawling lawn to grow some gorgeous plants.

byJeremy Helligar| PUBLISHED Apr 29, 2020 7:37 PM
Simple Indoor Garden Projects and Kits for Adults
Minimal space and gardening know-how required. Huy Phan, Pexels

Two green thumbs way up! You don’t need a huge backyard, a front yard, a balcony or a terrace to enjoy the spoils of gardening. Even if you’re cooped up in a small apartment in the big city, you can still surround yourself with lush greenery that you’ve grown from scratch. All you really need is a well-lit window sill, some seeds and pots to watch them flourish in.

Foodie Favorite
This product offers chiles including cayenne, habanero, and Anaheim.

Get ready to spice up your life! This kit includes four types of hot pepper seeds—habanero, jalapeno, cayenne and Anaheim, as well as harvesting scissors, a wooden planter with a gift tray, bamboo plant markers and four fabric grow bags with holes for drainage. Once the seeds sprout they can continue to grow indoors or easily be transferred to an outdoor garden.

Easy to Maintain
These hardy desert items are super trendy right now, and are extremely easy to keep alive.

If you crave the beauty of plants and flowers but have a hard time remembering to water them, hardy succulents and cacti are for you. This kit comes with four kinds of seeds, biodegradable pots, starting seed pellets and plant labels. All these plants need is lots of sunshine and a weekly watering.

Great Project
These arborial babies may seem complicated, but a detailed included booklet will help on your journey.

Bonsais are popular because you don’t need to have mastered the art of gardening to grow them successfully. This kit comes with all the tools needed to raise four trees from the soil up: four biodegradable growing pots, four expanding-soil discs, four bamboo plant markers, and one bonsai clipper. If garden variety isn’t the spice of your life, this one’s for you.