Silk Pillowcases for the Ultimate Beauty Rest

Say goodbye to bedhead and dry skin!

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal|
Silk Pillowcases for the Ultimate Beauty Rest
Get a restful night’s sleep. Pexels

A silk pillowcase is more than just a luxurious piece of bedding—it’s an easy step to waking up looking and feeling refreshed. They’ll also make the morning rush easier by eliminating bed head. Here’s more on the beauty benefits you can expect from this posh addition to your bedtime routine.

Easy care for long lasting use. Just turn inside out, place inside a mesh laundry bag, and wash with a mild detergent.

Because silk is so smooth in texture, it won’t create any friction when your hair glides over it while tossing and turning during the night. And, no friction significantly reduces frizz, tangles andf bedhead. And for thick, curly or textured hair, a silk pillowcase helps preserve styles such as braids and blowouts much longer!

This is stain-resistant and made from high quality material for a smooth and soft feeling on your skin.

The super-smooth texture of a silk pillowcase won’t absorb moisture from your skin and therefore, keeps it hydrated. So if you suffer from dry skin be it seasonally or year round, a silk pillowcase preserves and helps your skin retain its natural moisture.

Comes in multiple sizes and available in more than 30 hues.

Silk fibers are a material you can count on to help regulate your temperature. If you tend to sweat at night or never feel completely at ease, a silk pillowcase is what you need. Unlike cotton, your silk pillowcase can wick moisture away which will keep you dry and cool throughout the night.