Sidewalk Chalk to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Scribble away on sidewalks, beautify your driveway or add a pop of color to a worn out deck.

Pieces of colored chalk
Today’s chalk is even more vibrant than the pieces you doodled with as a kid.Sharon McCutcheon, Pexels

Sidewalk chalk isn’t just for little kids anymore. Whether you want to make some vibrant doodles on your front steps or spruce up an outdoor patio, chalk is a fun and easy way to liven up any outdoor space. Plus, it requires zero commitment—if you want to switch up your design, just spray it with a hose or let the rain wash it away. Here are three colorful picks.

Regal Games Chalk City - 20 Piece Jumbo Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Original Pastel Palette

Get 20 pieces of chalk in seven pastel colors.Regal Games

Chalk is such a nostalgic medium, especially in classic pastel hues. Showcase your designs on a variety of surfaces, from asphalt to brick and wood. The jumbo size of these sticks also makes them perfect for the whole family—easier for little hands to grab onto.

Washable Sidewalk Chalk, 48 Assorted Bright Colors by Crayola

A Full Spectrum

This pack comes with almost 50 vibrant shades.Crayola

If you want to dive deep into chalk art, look into a pack that contains a rainbow’s worth of colors. Chalk glides on smoothly, so it’s easy to blend colors together to create the perfect sidewalk masterpiece.

Crayola Outdoor Chalk, Glitter Sidewalk Chalk, Summer Toys, 5 Count

Glittery Chalk

Color plus sparkle.Crayola

Sidewalk chalk has come a long way from the plain sticks you used as a kid. Now you can bedazzle your neighborhood with glittery chalk, surprise passersby with a glow-in-the-dark chalk creation or swirl shades together with tye-dye pigments.