Shaker Bottles for Easy Protein Mixes and Smoothies

Let’s shake it up!

If you’ve ever decided to shake up your fitness and health routine, chances are you have tried to incorporate a powdered drink mix into your mealtimes. Dry shake and smoothie mixtures are typically derived from plant or dairy proteins, dehydrated, and then finely ground to make a dissolvable, shelf stable product that turns into a nutritious meal when you add liquid. In the past, the only way to get a creamy, smooth, well-blended shake was with an electric blender.

Shaker bottles not only eliminate the need for bulky, expensive, corded blenders—they also make it possible to replenish on the go. To use, simply add your powdered mix and liquid of your choice to your shaker bottle, close the lid tightly and give it a brisk shake. In just a few seconds, you’ll have a creamy, well-mixed meal replacement without any hassle. And the best part is, there’s no messy clean up—you can throw them in the dishwasher when you’re done. Stick with us to learn what to look for in a shaker bottle.

Lots of Colors

Stainless steel whisk ball combines dry powder and liquid to make a well-mixed recovery smoothie. Flip-cap and screw-on lid ensure a tight seal while you mix. Blender Bottle


Shaker bottles are not all created equal, as any user will tell you. When looking for a blending container, it is important to choose one that has a lid that screws or snaps firmly into place to create a splash-proof seal.

Compact Size

This shorter model fits discreetly in purses and gym bags. It features a wide lid to make adding ingredients easy. Blender Bottle


When choosing a blender bottle, consider what you need in the actual container. Many have built in measurements on the side, so it’s easy to measure your liquid-to-powder ratio on the go. Size is also an important determining factor. Make sure your bottle is large enough to have a little extra space for thorough mixing, but not so much that you unintentionally overfill and dilute your smoothie. A measuring guide can also be handy to keep track of your water intake if you want your bottle to double as a water bottle between shakes.

Easy to Clean

Unique, twisted hexagon shape eliminates the need for stirring accessories. Just screw on the cap and give it a little shimmy. Helimix


Most blender bottles have some kind of apparatus that blends your beverage of choice while you shake it up. Containers that have wire whisk balls seem to be the most popular, and for good reason—the whisk bounces around breaking up lumpy powder and pulling air into as it mixes which makes your shake creamy and luscious. However, they can be easily misplaced. Other bottles have a built-in blade system that allows the liquid to pass through easily. But if you prefer a container that doesn’t need an extra accessory to mix, your best bet will be a blender bottle with creases and planes within the bottle to break up lumps and give a smooth finish to shakes.