Save Leftover Wine for Later with a Wine Stopper

From the right material to maximum suction levels, these stoppers will keep your vino fresh.

There are times—maybe not that many, but it does happen—when a bottle of wine goes unfinished. You absolutely can keep that wine and drink it later, sometimes with a surprisingly minimal amount of flavor loss, but you do have to take precautions. These wine stoppers will help that half bottle of wine where it belongs—inside you, not down the sink.

Keeps Out Oxygen

A favorite of sommeliers, this set includes a half-dozen rubber plugs. Vacu Vin


The biggest reason that wine goes bad is due to oxygen. Yes, we all need it to live, but that extends to the yeasts inside wine, which feast on the oxygen and sugars in the wine and let loose with sour-tasting byproducts. In short, you want to protect your opened wine from the air. One great way to do that is with a vacuum stopper, which sucks the air out of the bottle before sealing, to maintain freshness.

Simple But Effective

These air-tight plugs are pretty and dishwasher-safe. Outset


One very easy way to keep your wine from going bad is with a well-fitting silicone plug. For white wines, especially, you don’t have to worry so much about excess fermentation, so a simple airtight plug might be all you need. One word of advice: don’t try using these or any other plugs for sparkling wine. Those simply don’t keep well, and there’s not a whole lot you can do.

Airtight and Durable

This pair of elegant metal units can keep vino in tip-top drinking condition for up to 10 days. ERHIRY


Vacuum and silicone plugs can do a great job of keeping wine tasting good after opening. But the best thing you can do for opened wine is probably something you were doing already: chuck it in the fridge. The cold circulating air of a refrigerator slows down oxidation of the wine and keeps it from turning funky and sour. Pair that with a good stopper, and you’re in business.