Safer Driving with a Phone Dash Mount

It’s the first step to being as smart as your phone.

byJohn Sass| PUBLISHED Oct 21, 2020 7:11 PM
Safer Driving with a Phone Dash Mount
Keep your phone hands-free while driving with a dash mount. Amazon

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says handheld cell phones are a major contributor to distracted driving—and that kind of risky driving causes crashes that injure around 400 thousand people every single year. One easy way to amp up your safety on the road is to get that cell phone out of your hand and into a dash mount.

Simple to Use
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This option’s patented lock-and-release mechanism makes it possible to insert and remove your device with a single hand.

A dash mount is safest when it requires little to no fiddling while you’re driving. Look for a mount that makes it possible to make urgent adjustments (for those times you really can’t pull over) with just one hand. Some options even include one-touch tech so you don’t have to struggle to get your phone in and out.

Advanced Installation
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This device holder features a gooseneck design for a wider range of positioning and an unobstructed view.

Figuring out the best mounting spot can be a tight balance since you don’t want the phone to obstruct your view of the road—but you also don’t want to crane your neck to see your map. Look for a mount with a wide range of motion so you can position your phone right where you need it. This is especially helpful if your car has weird vents or cupholders you need to work around.

Versatile Design
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This tool includes multiple options for installation at several points in your vehicle.

Whether you’re commuting or roadtripping, you’ll probably want the option to charge your phone while you drive. Phone mounts with open feet to cradle the bottom of your phone make it easy to plug in and hit the road.