Organize Better: Rolling Storage Carts for Art Supplies and More

“Art is organized chaos.” -Stravinsky

byJohn Sass| PUBLISHED Aug 20, 2020 3:45 PM
Organize Better: Rolling Storage Carts for Art Supplies and More
Get your creativity rolling. Pexels

Humans have made art for basically forever for good reason. Scientists say that engaging the creative mind yields a slew of benefits, including lowering stress and activating the reward pathways in the brain. To get that mood lift, it makes sense to store art supplies in an organized, easy to access way. Enter: rolling storage carts!

This option includes removable compartments to keep plenty of supplies and make cleanup a breeze.

Many art carts include drawers of varying sizes to accommodate a variety of art supplies. For peak convenience, look for an organizer with removable drawers. This makes it simple to grab just the drawer you need for a project and facilitates easy cleaning (we’re looking at you, glitter).

These semi-transparent compartments make it easy to see the contents without searching.

Art carts with transparent or semi-transparent drawers mean you can find supplies quickly. Some organizers include a solid work surface above the storage areas so the art cart can double as an extra work space or a storage platform for crafting equipment.

These durable, wipeable open baskets are ideal for putting away kids’ art supplies.

Heavy-duty casters translate to smooth gliding from a storage area to a work space. The wheels should lock in place when still to keep those art supplies within reach. Some art carts forgo dedicated drawers for a simple basket design, which is ideal for young artists who prefer to see all their art supplies at once.