3 Rollerball Fragrances to Freshen Up Your Scent on the Go

It has never been easier to add aroma from wherever you are.

Small glass bottle with natural jasmine roll on perfume oil. Jasmine blossom flowers background. Copy space.
Freshen up your signature scent wherever the day takes you.Getty Images

You can use every trick in the beauty book, but eventually that fragrance you spritzed on in the morning is going to fade, and you’re going to be looking around for a scent pick-me-up mid-day. Rollerball fragrances keep your favorite scents close at all times. Easier than lugging a full-size bottle of perfume in your purse (or keeping a spare handy in your desk drawer), these little powerhouses glide across your pulse points to ensure you can refresh your signature scent whenever, wherever.

CLEAN Rollerball Layering Collection Fragrance Set

CLEAN Rollerball Layering Collection Fragrance Set
What’s better than one lovely scent? Five!Amazon

When you want a fragrance as unique as you are, a set of compatible layering scents is the way to go. CLEAN has you covered with a set of five rollerballs, each housing a different fragrance that is compatible with the next. Scents include air, rain, warm cotton, blossom and skin. Have fun mixing and matching to create a winning combination.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum Rollerball

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum | SJP Rollerball Fragrance for Women, 0.34 oz/10 mL
There has never been a more accurate name for a fragrance than SJP’s Lovely.Amazon

If you prefer fragrances that feel almost like a sweet whisper, then Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely is for you. With top notes of Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosewood, Lavender and Apple Martini; heart notes that are woodsy and floral; and base notes of cedarwood and amber, Lovely is complex, but not overpowering.

Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum

Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum
Stella McCartney’s first fragrance still ranks high with perfume enthusiasts.Amazon

Stella McCartney’s first fragrance remains a favorite for many. And now you can get it in a gorgeous purple ombre tube that mimics the look of the full-sized perfume bottle. The scent is just how you remember it: rich, with notes of rose and amber.