Roller Skates to Get Your Heart Pumpin’ and Your Body Bumpin’

Roll with it, baby! The popular hobby of yesteryear is back and more fun than ever thanks to these improved modern skates.

byCarla Sosenko| PUBLISHED Mar 3, 2021 2:38 PM
Roller Skates to Get Your Heart Pumpin’ and Your Body Bumpin’
Hey, sick wheels!. Pexels/Laura Stanley

Admit it: You’ve watched Roll Bounce, Whip It, or Xanadu and thought, Man, that looks cool. Roller skating is cool—and also really fun, a great workout and the perfect way to get some fresh air. There are loads of affordable options to invest in to make skating a regular activity. Grab a pair and get rolling!

Smooth bearings, an aluminum chassis, and an adjustable toe stop make this retro-looking pair work on multiple surfaces.

A telltale sign of a classic quad skate is the front stopper. (Inline skates have heel stops.) If your memories of skating involve trips to the local rink and just careening into the side boards whenever you wanted to stop, now is the time to learn how to use that stopper. Bend your knees slightly, put your arms straight in front of you for balance, put all your weight one one leg, and lift the other leg behind you to drag the stopper across the floor. It will grind you to a halt, no collision insurance required. (Some experts say that using the toe stop while skating forward leaves you vulnerable to ankle injury, so there are lower-tech options, like T-stops.)

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This comfy, easy-to-lace pair is made from material that will break in over time and eventually meld perfectly to your feet. Plus, a high shoe shaft provides stability.

A leather pair of skates will cost more than a synthetic pair, but if comfort is key for you and/or you tend to have foot pain, unless you’re ethically opposed, they’re worth the splurge. A leather pair molds to your feet and breaks in easily.

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These come in a range of sizes and funky colors, and a support column in the front makes them great for beginners. If you’re only into vegan products, this could be the pair for you.

Before investing in vegan-leather skates, remember that the faux stuff won’t stretch, so it typically isn’t great for anyone with a wide foot.