Better Selfies: Ring Lights for Professional-Looking Pics and Videos

Get good lighting any time of day with these influencer-approved setups.

Whether you’ve dreamed of being a YouTube star or you simply want to to look professional on video calls or take high-quality selfies from the comfort of your own home, a ring light lets you do just that at any hour of the day. Here’s how to find the best one to strike a pose in front of.

Varied Brightness Levels

Switch between three color lighting modes. Erligpowht


Phone cameras are so clear now, you don’t need a professional camera unless you’re shooting something particularly advanced. If you shoot or stream most of your content or calls on your smartphone, a ring light with a phone holder will make it easy.

Adjustable Height

Capture angles from up to 78.7 inches high. Neewer


The bright exposure from the LED bulbs of most ring lights isn’t always the most flattering or sometimes even the lighting you need, depending on the situation. In that case, seek out ring lights that give you the option to add warm-light filters or other colors.

All-in-One Kit

This set also comes with a phone-holder, a tripod, a bag, filters, and other accessories. Neewer


For content-creators and anyone on the go, portability is a key factor to consider. Bring with you all the accessories you need for a shoot with a simple, deconstructable kit.