Rechargeable Hand Warmers to Keep You Nice and Toasty

Give chilly hands the cold shoulder with a portable warmer!

Is it getting hot in here? With a rechargeable, portable hand warmer, yes! Pop one of these mobile marvels into your briefcase, purse, or pocket and you’ll never get cold hands (or feet if you want to throw one in your shoe) again. They deliver a surprisingly powerful jolt of warmth for something that’s about the size of a computer mouse. Let’s find one for you!

Loads of Colors

This palm-sized contraption is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS material, and it heats up on both sides, with three different temperature spectrums. OCOOPA

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Hand warmers are helpful not only for run-of-the-mill cold hands but also more serious conditions like Reynauds and arthritis. Bonus: They’re less wasteful, more dependable, and ultimately more cost-effective than disposable warmers.

Cute as a Button

Aww, this adorable little bean provides dual-sided heat up to 120 degrees F, with five different settings for maximum comfort. And the lithium battery lasts six hours. Zippo

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You’ll probably end up using your hand warmer more than you think. If you’re a hockey parent, like to tailgate at football games, take long winter walks, have to sit in your car while it heats up, prefer outdoor dining in the winter months or have a cold office, it’s sure to come in handy! (Sorry.)

Extra Safety Guards

At just 10 centimeters long, this one packs a surprisingly strong punch. It’s also got built-in protection against short-circuiting and overheating. KARECEL

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One of the best things about rechargeable hand warmers is that they double as a power bank to charge all your gear. Check the specs before you buy; but many models are compatible with iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, and Androids.