Three Reasons We Love Velvet Hangers

No more slipping off and ending up on the floor!

byThe Editors| PUBLISHED Sep 8, 2020 7:15 PM
Three Reasons We Love Velvet Hangers
Protect the ones you love. (And yes, that includes your clothes!). Unsplash

Hangers do more than keep your clothes off the floor (although, admittedly, that is the main reason we need them!). They also help your shirts and sweaters keep their shape and keep wrinkle-prone fabrics from becoming their worst selves. Velvet flocked hangers are the best of the bunch. Here’s why.

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Can hold up to 10 pounds.

One of the best things about velvet-flocked hangers is that they’re naturally non-slip. No more opening the closet door to find your favorite silky tops piled up all over the floor.

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The contoured shoulder-lines keep seams flat.

Velvet hangers are also typically very thin—much slimmer in profile than wooden hangers, and even thinner than plastic. That means you can fit more into your closet. And who couldn’t use some extra closet space?

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Comes in nine different hues, including mint, fuchsia and pale rose.

Notches in the shoulder are typical in velvet hangers, perfect for hanger loops in blouses and dresses, or for spaghetti straps on tanks and sundresses.