What to Look for in Rain Pants for Women

Release your inner otter.

byJohn Sass| PUBLISHED Sep 21, 2020 2:11 PM
What to Look for in Rain Pants for Women
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Animals that spend lots of time in rainy or watery environments come equipped with biological rain gear—like an inner layer of soft, insulating fat and an outer layer of oily, waterproof hair. Since humans got the short end of the naturally-waterproof stick, rain gear that brings that same warmth and protection is crucial for outdoor activities.

The legs of these rain trousers zip off or roll up to convert to capri-length.

Rain gear is only useful if it works for the long haul, so durability makes all the difference. Look for solid construction, especially at the seams, and features like stain repellency and built-in sun protection that safeguards the gear as well as the wearer.

This set includes 3-layer pants plus a full-length parka.

Of course, it’s crucial that rain gear actually protects you from the rain. Look for fabrics with multiple layers that each serve different functions: a soft inner layer for warmth, a waterproof middle layer and a wind-resistant outer layer.

This option includes cord locks at the ankle cuffs and articulated knees.

Comfort is key when you’re outdoors. Look for breathable fabrics with 4-way stretch and an adjustable drawstring at the waistband. Cord locks at the ankle cuffs and articulated knees help fit the gear to your body. Zippered pockets make it easy to keep your essentials safe so you don’t have to split your focus.