Organize Better: Great-Looking Filing Cabinets to Store Your Most Important Papers

Protect serious paperwork in style.

From mid-century inspired desks to gallery-worthy walls, office decor is more stylish than ever. The humble, hard-working filing cabinet is no longer an afterthought, but an extension of the mood, style, and energy of the workspace where it lives. File these under Seriously Stylish Document Storage.

Sturdy Legs

Desk-height for extra work space; comes in three finishes. Bush Furniture


Not all files are accessed equally, and that’s okay. Experts recommend storing active and inactive files in separate drawers. Active files, like that novel you’re currently writing, deserve a spot in the top drawer. Inactive files, like old tax returns and legal documents, can be stored at the bottom, ready when you need them.

Easy-Roll Casters

Sleek design built for easy mobility. Aurora


The truth is, most paper documents don’t need to be filed away. Set yourself up for success with a simple, clearly labeled filing system that includes only what you absolutely need. Experts recommend shredding and tossing any documents that you can easily access online, like monthly statements from credit card or utility companies. You might want to consider reducing waste entirely by switching to paperless billing.

Hinged Lid

This one just looks like another pretty piece of interior decor! BIRDROCK HOME


Colored folders aren’t just visually appealing. An intuitive color system can make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in a pinch. For example, try using a red folder to store all the critical documents you’d most want to rescue in an emergency, like passports, marriage certificates, home deeds and so on.

Wood Veneer

Silver-powder-coated handles add a touch of elegance. Z-Line Designs


Before you pick out your perfect cabinet, make sure it’ll fit the documents you need: most cabinets are large enough to fit legal-size papers and folders, but some compact models are only large enough for letter-size.

Solid Steel Construction

An anti-tipping design keeps this one stable. DEVAISE


Not all filing cabinets lock. So if you’re going to be using yours in a shared space and want a little more security for sensitive documents or other supplies, look for one with a lock.