Power Scrubbers to Make Your Kitchen and Bathroom Sparkle

Time to queue up a good playlist and get cleaning.

It’s not a cardinal sin to have a dirty house or room—let’s face it: Life happens. When you’re ready to tidy things up a bit, however, you’ll likely need a little help beyond a roll of paper towels and a bottle of surface cleaner. The stains in your grout or the discoloration in the shower require some extra elbow grease. Check out these power scrubbers that’ll help make cleaning a little easier.

Tool Attachment

This product boasts nylon bristles that won’t scratch delicate materials. Drillbrush


When a sponge won’t cut it, it’s okay to call in reinforcements. Whereas drills are typically associated with construction and craftsmanship, some innovative minds thought to put them to use for cleaning situations. You can shop different shapes and sizes of brush heads that work on different surfaces and make sure you’re cleaning every nook and cranny in your home.S

300 RPM Power

Multiple attachments can be used to scour everything from the tiniest to the largest areas. Homitt


A cordless power scrubber with a long-lasting battery life means you won’t need to pause your momentum to recharge in the middle of your cleaning spree.

Lightweight but Strong

This brush can be extended almost 4 feet. Turbo Scrub


If you’re looking to scrub your bathroom floor without hunching over or reach the grime in the corners of your shower without standing on a stepstool, look for a scrubber with an extended handle and a rotating brush head that does most of the hard work for you.