Work Better: Paper Shredders for Peace of Mind

For max security and minimal clutter.

Paper shredders are one of the most empowering devices for your home or office to make security and privacy a priority. Disposing of sensitive documents safely prevents identity theft and other data breaches. From the type of cut to paper capacity, here’s what to know when bringing this important tool into your home or business.


This one has a reverse function, to repair partially torn documents. AmazonBasics


Cross cut shredders are perfect for those working with highly sensitive documents such as tax returns, credit card applications, health forms and more. Cross cutting turns paper into teensy-tiny pieces—rather than long strips—making it impossible for anyone to reassemble.

Auto Shut-Off Function

Has five minutes of continuous run time. Aurora


If your home doubles as your office and therefore kids are in close proximity to the shredder, you don’t want little hands making their way inside. Angled entry feeds and sensors are mandatory. Another feature to consider is an auto stop for overloads and jams in the event that your littles ones try to “play office” and stuff your shredder full of paper.


Can even destroy clips and staples! Bonsaii


If you work in a large office with a high volume of paper to shred daily, the convenience of a continuous-duty motor is game changing. It runs non-stop so you can shred as much as possible without stopping the shredder to cool it down.