Work Better: Noise-Cancelling Headsets with Microphones for Crystal Clear Conference Calls

Don’t let unwanted sounds ruin your phone and video meetings.

byJeremy Helligar|
Work Better: Noise-Cancelling Headsets with Microphones for Crystal Clear Conference Calls
No more awkward pauses. Christina Morillo

If you’re working from home and you need to block out playing children or loud sounds of life outside, a good noise-cancelling headset can give you and those you’re talking to clarity during work calls. To suppress the sound of breathing and clicking, get a headset with a large driver and microphone air-shock filters. An adjustable mic will allow you to place it directly in front of your mouth while talking. Noise-cancelling in both the ear phones and the mic will make conference-call clarity a two-way street.

For Double Connections
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You can hook this up to two devices at once, easily switching from one to the other.

Wireless or wired? The former will give you more flexibility to move around, but Bluetooth connections can sometimes cause the audio to lag. Wired will pretty much chain you to your desk during calls, but the sound quality will be more clear, and you’ll never have to worry about recharging or running out of battery power during an important meeting.

You can chat all day and night with these after a single charge.

A dual mic configuration ensures uninterrupted audio if the primary mic cuts out or if there is some kind of wireless glitch. This will help prevent those pesky “Can you hear me now?” moments.

This unit can be charged via the base or using a micro USB cable.

What operating system does your computer or mobile device use? In order for your noise-cancelling headset to work, you’ll need one that is compatible, whether it’s Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android, or Apple’s iOS. Whatever system you use, in order to exert more control over what happens on your end of the call, look for a headset with in-line mic controls for volume, muting, answering calls and hanging up.

Also Consider:

This has a USB Type-C quick charger that gives you an hour of use on 10 minutes of charging.
Its 40mm speaker drives produce rich, crisp sound for when you’re off the clock and listening to music.