Must-Have Streaming TV Devices for On-Demand Viewing

Watching TV has never been more exciting and filled with options. With the right streaming device, you can create the perfect at-home screening room.

byJeremy Helligar| PUBLISHED Apr 17, 2020 2:41 PM
Must-Have Streaming TV Devices for On-Demand Viewing
Make your next TV binge even better with these streaming devices. Unsplash

Let’s face it: Few appliances in the modern home get more use than the TV. And the perfect streaming media player to go with your flatscreen is more important than ever. First decision: Do you want to buy a TV-and-streaming media player combo or just a device that’s compatible with the TV you already have? If you’re happy with your current set, just be sure to choose a device that’s compatible with it. From Roku systems to Fire TV sticks, streaming devices maximize the binge-watching experience and make the sofa — or bed — the best seat in the house.

Easy Streaming

The Roku mobile app allows you to use your phone as a remote control.

Roku’s premium streaming system gets you connected to all the major channels in minutes, including Apple TV, Prime Video, Netflix and all the major streaming providers with excellent picture quality. A user-friendly remote control makes channel surfing easy, and it includes a mute button and a voice control function. A set of Premium JBL headphones round out the total package.

Have Stick, Will Travel

Built-in Alexa Voice Remote makes browsing as easy as saying a few simple words.

Look, Ma, no cable! Fire TV Stick gives quality viewing without the hassle of hunting down an HDMI cable. The best thing about this streaming media player is that it offers all the standard features in a 1.1-ounce package. Just plug it into the HDMI port on your TV or computer and — voila! — instant entertainment. Easy connectivity makes it a good buy for frequent travelers or those who want a little backup when visiting friends or relatives with only basic TV.

Amazing Design

Built-in Google Assistant voice control makes this an information center as well as a streaming device.

NVIDIA’s player gives brilliant TV entertainment in smart display-worthy packaging. This system earns high marks for its speed, voice control, and superior audio and HDR visual quality. And unlike the clunky DVD players and media players of years past, this system’s sleek design doesn’t beg to be hidden away. As with most streaming systems, there’s no HDMI cable included to connect with your television, so be sure to have one in advance.