Work Better: Mobile WiFi Hotspots to Bring the Internet to You Anywhere

Never worry about having to find a signal again!

Picture it: you decide to treat yourself to some time at a café, so you schlep your laptop, order an iced coffee and voilà: no WiFi. Or maybe there’s one sketchy-sounding unlocked network, called, say…TotallySafeWiFiWeSwear (please don’t click on that), Invest in a mobile hotspot and stay forever connected securely, whether you’re in a coffee shop, the woods or another country.

Loads of Extras

This multifunction option features USB and ethernet ports (necessary in certain parts of the world) and a rechargeable battery that will last all day. NETGEAR

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The price of your hotspot is directly related to the number of bells and whistles. If, for example, you travel internationally with a large team (and therefore need to connect to more devices), or want to use your own SIM card, choose a more intricate model with a variety of ports and an LCD screen to monitor your usage. If you’ll be staying close-ish to home (i.e. in the same country) and really just want to be able to get on the web, choose a simple, extras-free model.

Connects to Best Network

This pick works all over the world, and it can charge your phone! GlocalMe

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The benefit of a SIM-card-free WiFi hotspot is not having to worry about unlocking or compatibility with a local network. It’s just easier! Plus, you still have the flexibility to connect a variety of devices at once.

Fits in Your Pocket

Just turn on this mini, select the pay-as-you-go plan that’s right for you, and get to work (or play). Plus, it works globally (130+ countries). Skyroam Solis

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Looks aren’t everything, but if you’re someone easily intimidated by tech and just want a dang internet connection, choose a sleek, simple design sans display, extra ports or anything else standing between you and your web surfing.