Mini Trampolines for a Fun Workout in Even the Tiniest Spaces

Crank up some tunes, head to your living room and jump to it!

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Mini Trampolines for a Fun Workout in Even the Tiniest Spaces
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Jumping on a trampoline almost looks too fun to be a real workout, but it’s a terrific source of cardio and muscle-toning. Even better: It’s lower-impact than running, so your joints will thank you.

Rubber-covered steel and a polypropylene mat combine to make jumping quiet and safe; plus, the waterproof material is easy to clean.

A trampoline isn’t just for jumping. Use it as a prop for sit-ups, bench dips, or even to add difficulty to balancing poses like tree and eagle. (And while we’re at it, change up your jumping style for extra fun: go ahead, try a sprint in place or give a little twist while you soar.) If you’re skittish about bringing the bounce into your house, pick a style with a bar to offer extra support.

Comes with storage bag for easy cleanup and portability.

You’ll have to put your mini-trampoline together but typically, no tools are required and assembly consists of unfolding the tramp, placing on the safety cover and other minor tasks. That’s good news, because it means disassembly is also easy, when you want to take it apart and store it somewhere.

Heavy-Duty Construction
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Steel springs set this pick apart from other models, which often use bands to join the steel structure to the bouncy part. The result is extra durability, security and noise reduction.

Once you’ve mastered rebounding, try adding hand weights or ankle weights to increase workout difficulty. Just pay attention to the maximum-weight load when purchasing—it varies.