3 Massage Candles You Really Need In Your Life

Get ready—it’s time to get romantic.

Massage Candles
Treat yourself with an indulgent, sweet-smelling massage candle.Getty Images

If you love a multi-tasking product as much as we do, then behold the massage candle. These candles purposefully burn at a low temperature so that when you use the melted oil to massage your partner (or have them massage you), it won’t burn your skin. These options are beautifully scented with a warm, silky feel.

Kama Sutra - Massage Oil Candle

Kama Sutra - Massage Oil Candle - Island Passion Berry - 6 Ounce
With a brand name like Kama Sutra, you know you’re bringing sexy back.Amazon

Even Kama Sutra’s label and packaging screams passion. Allow this 6-oz. candle to take you away on a vacation in your very own home with a beautiful island passion berry scent (think tropical and exotic). Wax-free, the candle melts into a liquid so moisturizing your skin will feel soft and smooth after a massage.

Massage Candle by Fleur De Spa Midnight Dragon fragrance

Fleur De Spa Midnight Dragon fragrance
Nourish your skin with all-natural oils.Amazon

If you only allow the best ingredients to go on your skin, you’ll be pleased to know that Fleur De Spa’s massage candle is an all-natural coconut- and soy-based product made in California. Featuring a spout for easy pouring as you prep to massage, this oil absorbs right into the skin and doesn’t leave a slick feeling behind as some others do. It’s infused with a mix of apricot oil, aloe vera oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter and jojoba oil.

Fifty Shades of Lavender - Luxury Massage Oil Candle

Fifty Shades of Lavender - Luxury Massage Oil Candle
Featuring lavender and peppermint oils, this is the ultimate relaxation candle.Amazon

Fifty Shades of Lavender’s luxury massage oil candle is all about creating a calm, relaxing environment for your next at-home rubdown. The formula’s lavender and peppermint oil provide a nice balance, making the scent soothing rather than overpowering. Peppermint and lavender each have anti-inflammatory properties, making this a great option for anyone suffering from sore muscles.