Make Your Garden Water Itself With These Controllers

“Alexa, water the plants!”

When it’s time to get out the gloves, shovels, seeds and soil, and get to work in the garden, you want to make sure you’re tending to your hard work properly. But watering with a hose isn’t the only way to handle your greenery. Setting up your own automatic irrigation system is easier and cheaper than you might imagine, and new gadgetry has some amazing, useful features.

Smart Sprinklers

Orbit’s sprinkler system is crammed full of high tech features including connection to live weather feeds so it can auto-adjust to weather conditions. Orbit


New smart sprinkler systems can connect to WiFi and be controlled with phone apps so you can monitor and control your water from anywhere. Some models can even take your soil type and local weather into account and adjust themselves accordingly. The smartest garden helpers you’ve ever had.

Simple Timers

This timer has a digital display and oversized controls—and simply attaches to your hose with a few twists of your wrist. Orbit


Not everyone is into the whole app thing; sometimes all you need is a simple controller that’ll let you set a schedule when you want your watering to start and end. These timers typically screw right onto your water spigot and are no harder to set than a digital clock.

Central Controller

This Rain Bird controller has up to 12 different programmable zones so you can customize watering schedules for each area of your yard: lawn, garden and ornamentals. Rain Bird


Somewhere between the WiFi-connected smart sprinkler and the simple traditional timer attachment are programmable watering timers that allow you to program different schedules and saturation for different areas of your yard. These are typically simpler to set up than smart-style sprinklers, but still offer a lot more functionality and options than traditional screw-on timers that just control one hose.