Three Reasons Why a Magnetic Fridge Calendar Can Save Your Schedule

Never get caught by a “where are you” call from your dental office again.

byAnna Davies| PUBLISHED Dec 23, 2020 8:06 PM
Three Reasons Why a Magnetic Fridge Calendar Can Save Your Schedule
A busy schedule calls for an efficient way to remember it all!. Volcanics

A magnetic fridge calendar can save your sanity, no matter how many people are in your household. Even if you keep your calendar on your phone, being able to see what your month looks like in real time is a game changer. It’s also helpful to make sure everyone is on the same page, and can give everyone in the household the agency to write down their schedules and considerations. A fridge calendar is also great to set family goals and timelines, and count down to major events, like birthdays or holidays. Let’s look for one!

Basic and Functional
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Made of material that can easily be wiped clean, each space is large enough for multiple notes and reminders.

Most magnetic fridge calendars also need dry-erase markers, and can be decorated with additional magnets. Your household can decide the system that works for you—some people like putting every family event on the calendar, while others prefer keeping it clear and only highlighting events that may be outside the norm, like a day off from school or a family member’s birthday.

Color Coded
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Multiple options for long-term plans and short-term reminders. Comes with writing utensils so you can start scheduling ASAP.

For busy families, month-long calendars can be a little overwhelming. Consider a weekly calendar so you get the need-to-knows without getting caught up in a schedule spiral. Calendars can also be helpful for setting internal schedules, too. Yes, the science fair project is due on Friday—but for practical purposes, everyone in the family should know that the project should be wrapped up by Wednesday at the latest.

So Versatile
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17 x 12 space is large enough for multiple entries; includes accessories to make color-coding systems easy to implement.

A whiteboard is only as good as the system you use. But don’t feel overwhelmed—it can be a learning process. Make it fun by assigning each family member a color, or set up a reward system that encourages people to check the calendar. For example, a sneaky “the first person who sees this note gets a treat” written on the calendar will entice people to check regularly. And while it’s great to highlight important events, just as important are everyday reminders. Who needs to bring sneakers to school? Who has an early AM meeting? What snacks are running low? Zeroing in on the situations you need reminders for can help you make the most out of your calendar, and remove some daily stress.