Work Better: Laptop Stands to Keep You Comfortable and Productive

Save your neck and back from unnecessary pain.

Laptops are now much more popular than desktops—but they’re not nearly as kind on your neck and shoulders. A laptop stand props up your computer so you don’t have to hunch over—it’s a low-cost, tiny addition that can make a huge difference in your comfort.

Simple Elevation

This product lifts your screen about six inches. Soundance


Ideally, while working, your eyes should hit a couple of inches below the top of the screen, forming a parallel line with your desk. Under normal use, laptops force us to tilt the neck downwards, which can cause neck and back pain.

Organizes & Tidies

This item boasts a pass-through port for cables on its back side, so you can keep them organized and out of the way. mStand


Using a laptop stand usually means you’ll have to opt for a separate keyboard and mouse (or trackpad), which can connect with Bluetooth. This can also help make using your computer easier; external keyboards are larger and more comfortable to use than the one in your laptop.

Loads of Colors

This one attaches to the bottom of your device. Fold it flat for portability, unfold it for use. MOFT


Laptop stands come in a few varieties. If your laptop generally stays in one place, like in a home office or at a dedicated work space, you can get a sturdy stand and not worry about portability. But if you carry your laptop around and set it up in different places, look for a portable stand, which are generally made of lighter materials like plastic and can fold up into small packages.