Work Better: Lapdesks for a Productive Work Day

Have work to do, will travel.

byAmanda Green| PUBLISHED Sep 11, 2020 1:54 PM
Work Better: Lapdesks for a Productive Work Day
Gotta multitask? A lapdesk is the way to go. Leonard Beck, Unsplash

Studies have shown that novel environments can boost mood, creativity and even memory. So why limit work to the same desk or table? A lapdesk makes it easy to write, draw or use your computer wherever the mood strikes. Here’s what to consider before buying one of your own.

Super Versatile
Multifunctional work surface with four angles and five height settings.

Before you buy your lapdesk, consider how you plan on using it. These days, most models are wide enough to accommodate a laptop or tablet, and some have clever built-ins for holding a smartphone, using a mouse and even offering additional work surface.

Sleek Design
Available in five finishes, including sophisticated wood grain and a soft marble.

The term “lapdesk” can be misleading. While traditional models have a bolster cushion base that comfortably conforms to your lap, others have sturdier legs and adjustable angles and heights that make it just as easy to read a book in bed as it is to work on your computer from the sofa. They can also be placed on a table or counter to create an ergonomic standing desk.

Budget Pick
Sturdy design with a range of height settings and a carrying handle for easy transport.

When not in use, many lapdesks fold compactly for easy storage. Some really put the “desk” in “lapdesk” and contain drawer-like sections of their own to stow away paper, notebooks, and writing utensils, making them ideal for everyday drawing or writing projects of kids or adults.