What to Look for in a Kids’ Laptop

Keep your kids ahead of the curve with these smart, small laptops.

Your kids are probably tech whizzes—maybe even more so than you are. But that doesn’t mean you want to share your laptop with them, especially if it’s the computer you use for work. Here are three laptop suggestions for your kids to start surfing the Web responsibly and complete their online homework.

Customizable Specs

You can also purchase this with an accompanying backpack to keep it safe. Acer

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This laptop is easy to update for additional storage. If you and your child will both be using the laptop, or you anticipate your child using it for years to come, you can easily swap out the included 4GB RAM in the back panel for something more expansive or purchase an external hard drive to store larger files.


An 11-inch display and flexible keyboard make this model easy to set up anywhere. Lenovo

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A touchscreen comes in handy for solving math problems on-screen, or for kids who play educational games for school. All your child needs to get started with this laptop is a Google account, which they can use to automatically access all their files via cloud storage. Download additional features, like games and streaming services, from the Google Play store.

Impressive Storage

Great for PowerPoints and Word docs. HP

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This laptop comes armed with 1 TB of cloud storage for a full year, which can hold thousands of pictures and millions of PDFs and documents. A free year of an Office365 subscription comes in handy for students who write often, prefer taking notes on their computer or who frequently build PowerPoints for group projects.