Better Mornings: Keep Your Java Hot With a Coffee Warmer

If you have a habit of setting down and forgetting your coffee, these are sure to come in handy.

A hot cup of coffee (or five) can keep you fueled all day long. But there are fewer tastes less pleasant than a brew gone cold. Here’s how to pick a coffee warmer that will keep your pour-over steaming.

Uses Thermal Conductive Glass

Turns on and off automatically, for convenience and safety. BESTINNKITS


You don’t need the added stress of wondering if your coffee warmer is still turned on once you’ve left your home or office. A mug warmer with a built-in automatic shut off feature does the job for you. Some will even flash a red light to remind you that it’s still on/hot.

Easily Wipes Clean

Less than 10 ounces and has a long cord for extra mobility. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, Home, Office, Black


Your mug warmer will keep your coffee hot—but if you want it to be scalding, or want to prevent a film from forming on the top, consider purchasing a silicone lid cover to go on top. You can also DIY one with a layer of tinfoil.


Also comes in baby pink, sky blue and a cozy wood grain. VOBAGA


Coffee warmers can heat up more than your daily dose of caffeine. If you’re into a variety of warm comforts from soup to coffee, then you know not all temperatures are created equal. You may like your coffee akin to a cup of lava and your soup just slightly more than lukewarm. That makes temperature control settings non-negotiable if you know you’ll need your mug warmer to work a little harder—or hotter—depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Sleek Design

Heats your drink up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. COSORI


Most warmers are powered by gravity induction, which means when something (like your mug) is placed on the surface of the warmer, it starts to facilitate motion inside the warmer, which then creates heat. That’s why as long as you keep your mug on top of the warmer, the contents will stay hot.

Also Consider

Slip-Resistant Sleeve

Makes for a thoughtful gift for an on-the-go friend. COSORI


Built-In Temp Control

Works with both enamel and glassware. YEVIOR