Instant Cameras: A Superfun Way to Make Memories

Modern picture-taking with a retro feel.

Friends taking a group photo
Don’t feel like scrolling through the photos on your phone? Pin your favorite memories to your wall, or slip them in your wallet.Pexels/Fauxels

Believe it or not, instant cameras aren’t back by popular demand or even resurfacing as retro curios. They never went away. They just got a lot more sophisticated. Here are some things to consider when buying yours: what size and shape do you want your photos to be? Do you want to go high-tech and get one you can pair with your smartphone or go for a completely digital option? The possibilities are more endless than ever before.

Fujifilm INSTAX 300 Photo Instant Camera With Fujifilm Instax Wide Instant Film Twin Pack Instant Film (40 Shots) + Camera Case With Photo4less Microfiber Cleaning Cloth- Accessory Bundle
Produces 2.4 by 3.9-inch photos and has a socket for connecting it to a tripod.Fujifilm

Mini instant cameras produce photos that are a little under credit-card size and are typically better for kids. The dimensions of photos produced by wide instant cameras vary from brand to brand, but they’ll be closer to traditional size and offer more detail.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera
This one has modes that allow for double-exposure shots, photographing light trails, short-distance photography and capturing fast-moving objects.Fujifilm

In addition to advanced features for creative snapping, some instant cameras come with Bluetooth technology, which means you can pair it with your smartphone and use the phone as a remote control. Meanwhile, instant digital cameras allow you to store multiple photos and print only the ones you want.

Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Black (9010), Bluetooth Connected Instant Film Camera
This option allows you to switch back and forth from a portrait lens, which can take photos from one to three feet away, and a standard lens for snapping things more than three feet away.Polaroid

If you’re into retro instant pics, look for a camera that produces old-school, traditional square shots. In fact, Polaroid instant cameras still specialize in them. Fujifilm Instax Square photos look more true-to-life, while Polaroid images have a softer look that’s more vintage-y.